The range of salaries for jobs within gaming can vary greatly and there is quite a huge gap salary wise between the junior and senior jobs. At one point I looked becoming a tester and found that the salary was £3000/$6000 less than what I could get working in a supermarket. You could probably only do this if you were still living at home or were getting extra support somehow.

Once you have been there a while then you can start to move up the ranks to Team Leader roles which would bump you up a few thousand more. Programming jobs will always start you at a good salary but in some cases the programmer could get more working within a friv business area rather than the gaming industry. This is a job people do largely because of a passion for gaming rather than a passion for money.

Something else that people overlook is the amount of hours and late nights (possibly weekends) that can be involved with jobs like these. It’s not enough to just like playing games or to be interested in them, you almost have to be obsessed with them and live and breathe them. This is an important consideration as it could be something that could put you off gaming altogether. I don’t want to scare people but I just want people to think about it and make sure they find out as much information as possible so they get the FULL story of what’s involved.

University Courses

Now that creating games is accepted as a proper industry and job, a lot of universities offer courses on the subject. If you are seriously considering a job in this field then this would give you a good grounding and give you a taste of the different roles available. Also, most courses will have a program where by at the, they will try to give you connections or at least point you in the right direction for getting your first yoob job. If you are looking at journalism then of course there are courses on this and you will also need to attain a good level of language.


As you now know, there are many ways you can make money either working in the industry or simply playing games. If you already play games then it makes sense to think about ways you could earn money while doing so. All in all, a great way of making money while doing what you love!